2012 Falcon 7X

Registration: P4-GIS / Serial: 139

Listing Agent

Flight Source International - Sarasota
Eric Eckardt
E-mail: eric@flightsource.com
Office: 941-355-9585


Airframe Total Time: 1168; Hours Cycles: 642
Engine(s) Engine Make: Pratt and Whitney; Engine Model: PW-307A; Total Time: 1168; Cycles: 642
Avionics Honeywell EASY II+ Auto Flight Control System and Guidance Panel Controller GP-600; Honeywell VHF Data Radio; Honeywell HF Receiver /Exciter; Honeywell Satcom MCS-7120 System with Cord and Cordless handsets; Honeywell Flight Recording System; Honeywell Quick Access Recorder; Honeywell Modulator Aviaonics Unit; Honeywell Electronic Ground Proximity Warning Module; Honeywell Central Maintenance Computer; Honewywell Modular Radio Cabinet; Honeywell Primary / Multifunction Display; Rosemount Aerospace, Air Data Smart Probe w/ “mbar” indication; Honeywell LASERREF-V Micro Inertial Reference Unit; Honeywell FMS Computers; Honeywell Alttitude Heading Reference System Unit; Honeywell Standby Instrument LCD Indicator; Honeywell FMS Computers; Honeywell Alttitude Heading Reference System Unit; Honeywell Standby Instrument LCD Indicator; Honeywell Weather Radar (Primus WU-880); Honeywell Radio Altimeter Receiver /Transmitter; Honeywell Traffic Collision Avoidance System; Honeywell VOR /ILS / Data Link / GPS Module; Honeywell Distance Measuring Equpiment Module; Honeywell Automatic Direction Finder Module; Honeywell Air Traffi Control Mode-S Transponder Module; Eros/Zodiac Pilot’ Oxygen System Mask & Stow Box; Rockwell Collis Air-Show-9000; Miltope Inc, Flight Deck Printer; Ester Line Inc, Pilot View Electronic Flight Bag; Honeywell AFIS System; Honeywell SELCAL System; Honeywell Electronics Jeppesen Charts; Rockwell Collis FCMS Cabin Management; Honeywell Under Water ELT Rescue; Goodrich Inc. Ice Detection System; Panasonic CF-19 On-Board Personal CPU; Eros/Zodiac Emergency Respiratory Oxygen System; Honeywell Cabin Management System with Touch Screen Ctr
Additional Equipment EASA / JAR OPS1 and FAA / FAR91 Compliance, Flight Deck EASY II+ with Honeywell Primus Epic System, Auto Throttle EASY II+ Honeywell EASY II+ Avionics Equipment's to conduct flights in the following space: RVSM: FAA IG 91-RVSM and JAA TGL no. 6 REV 1. MNPS: FAA AC91-49, using Honeywell Dual FMS, Triple IRS and Dual GPS
Inspection Status First “600 Hrs” Inspection for #1, #2, and #3 Engines was performed December 17 /2013
Highlights Engines: under ESP GOLD & CAMP Programs; APU in service MSP GOLD & CAMP; Beautiful Titanium w/ Blue Metallic stripes on exterior touched up in 2015; Azurite and Light Skin Color in masterfully designed interior

Other Documents & Downloads

2012 Falcon 7X ADVERT.pdf Download