1975 Fairchild Merlin IIIA

Registration: N772SL / Serial: T-258

Listing Agent

Flight Source International - USA West
Rick Bunn
E-mail: helijetguy@gmail.com
Office: 941-355-9585
Cell: 702-355-3126


Airframe: Total Time: 9280; Landings: 9183
Engines: TPE331-10UA-511;TSO: 3800/3800; CSO: 2990/2992; TSHSI: 229/332; CSHSI: 205/205; TBO: 5400 hrs
AVIONICS: (Equipment Installed during 2012 upgrade); GARMIN GDU 620 PFD I MFD P/N 011‐01264‐00 S/N 165002330; GARMIN GRS 77 AHRS P/N 011‐00868‐10 S/N 42020699; GARMIN GDC 74A AIR DATA COMPUTER P/N 011‐00882‐10 S/N 20613119; GARMIN GTP 59 OAT PROBE P/N 011‐00978‐00 S/N 47919451; GARMIN GMU 44 MAGNETOMETER P/N 011‐00870‐00 S/N 47520785; GARMIN GAD 43 ADAPTER P/N 011‐01970‐01 S/N 27P000610; RC ALLEN RCA22‐7 ATTITUDE INDICATOR P/N 102‐0041‐04 S/N 212F335G; GARMIN GTN 750 GPS/SBAS NAV. SYS. P/N 011‐02282‐00 S/N 1ZA010533; GARMIN GA 35 GPS/WAAS ANTENNA P/N 013‐00235‐00 S/N 79983; GARMIN GMA 35 REMOTE AUDIO PANEL P/N 011‐02299‐00 S/N 1T6005199; GARMIN SL30 VHF NAV/COM SYSTEM P/N 430‐6040‐303 S/N 25908901 ;GARMIN GDL 69A XM SATELLITE RECEIVER P/N 011‐00987‐00 S/N 47765843; GARMIN GRT 10 WIRELESS XCVR. P/N 011‐01557‐00 S/N 14Q002432; GARMIN GA 55 XM SATELLITE ANTENNA P/N 011‐01033‐00 S/N 87500661 ;GARMIN GTX 33 REMOTE MODE S XPDR. P/N 011‐00779‐30 S/N 89123345; GARMIN GTX 32 REMOTE XPDR. P/N 011‐00768‐00 S/N 83900808; WULFSBERG ME406 406MHz ELT P/N 453‐6603 S/N 197‐12663; WULFSBERG ELT REMOTE SWITCH P/N 345‐6196‐04 S/N 354827‐086; WULFSBERG ELT PIEZO BUZZER P/N 452‐6505 S/N 353561‐162; WULFSBERG ELT WHIP ANTENNA P/N 110‐773 S/N 354910‐99; ASTRON CORP. N2412‐24 POWER CONVERTER S/N 2011090445
N772SL had a complete $100,000 cockpit upgrade in 2012. Among other equipment, installed was a Garmin G600 PFD and MFD coupled to a Garmin touch screen WAAS certified G750 GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD both with complete electronic on‐board flight charts and maps. Also, installed was a new Garmin GDL 69 SiriusXM datalink receiver, which allows pilots to have in cockpit XM weather and allows the entire airplane to enjoy in‐flight XM radio. Also installed was a new Garmin GMA 35 remote audio panel and a Garmin GTX 33 remote Mode S XPDR, both of which are operational through the G750 or G600. Autopilot is a 3‐axis Bendix King M4D coupled to the GTN 750, which allows for both WAAS GPS coupled approach landings and traditional surface based device approach landings. N772SL is a highly capable aircraft, being able to complete flights even inthe most adverse flight conditions.
INTERIOR: Tan Leather Executive, equipped with a complete wet bar, coffee and food entertainment area and an enclosed potty

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